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Welcome! The soul and work of many nights,
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Folk dance is a form of dance developed by a group of people that reflects the traditional life of people. Folk dancing usually involves a group of happy people following dance instructions from an experienced caller. Folk dancing is great exercise and a fun recreational activity for people of all ages. Anyone can learn to folk dance, as no formal dance experience is necessary to be able to learn most of the steps and formations.


This name we took from a plant: "Driopteris Rex", but if You try to translate word by word it will be the devil's ribbon. And so is how these children and young people dance it: diabolic. I invite You to see the pictures and films about our activities. Sándor Csaba, manager of the group
Balan is a little town settled in Transilvania, Harghita county (42 km North from Miercurea Ciuc - capital of the county), at Egyesko and Nagyhagymás feet. Thanks for its geographical position the majority of its inhabitants have practice in mining. The image of the town and the living conditions aren't suitable for the European expectations, but it is embraced with a fabulous landscape which attracts several tourists every year. Whether why? Romanian and Hungarian people live together in our town. We are Hungarian, and our native language, dances and songs are Hungarian. Our folkdance group has pupils between 10 and 18 years they dancemore than 15 rural areas' dances. Year after year we are invited to inland and foreign festivals, where we like to appear, to show our dances, tradition and popular garb. Since 1997 in our town there have been organized a festival called "Botorka". This is a four days long lasting organization during which the participants could get acquainted with the beautiful environment (with taking part in excursion) with our folkdances and folk songs showed at evening balls. At the first festival there were approximately 100 participants, but year after year their number has been increased. The participants are Hungarian folkdance groups coming from various lands: Hungary, Ukraine, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia. During these days you don't have to pay participation fee, but you have to pay your accommodation and food costs. We can assure you a two stars hotel which comparing to European prices isn't so costly.
The way that guide you hear is pitted and bumpy but it worth coming here for that person who wants to get to know about Hungarian life in Transylvania and who doesn't want to miss a whooping big party (because finally that's handled about this) -to make something good, cheerfully!
You are all WELCOMED

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